Journal of Economic Policy and Management Issues (JEPMI)

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Journal of Economic Policy and Management Issues (JEPMI)

About the Journal

The Journal of Economic Policy and Management Issues (JEPMI) is the inaugural journal of the African Economic and Social Research Institute (AESRI), which was founded in 2019. The establishment of the JEPMI as an open access international peer review journal was motivated by the real economic challenges facing many countries, both developing and developed.

Aims and Scope

The JEPMI provides a platform where economic challenges facing different countries worldwide could be scientifically analysed, debated and discussed on a case-by-case basis. In the main, the journal aims to serve as an interface between academics and policymakers on contemporary economic policy and management issues.

The journal covers all facets of economic policy and management issues, including socio-economic policies that have a direct or an indirect bearing on the core economic policy-making decision. The journal particularly encourages multidisciplinary studies that have socio-economic policy content.

Some of the areas covered by the journal include but are not limited to the following: financial economics, public economics; international economics; development economics, institutional economics, resource economics, tourism economics, political economy, managerial economics, education economics, industrial organisation, and behavioural economics.

Although the journal welcomes high quality theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers from all countries (both developed and developing), preference will be given to empirical papers that focus on contemporary economic policy and management issues that are relevant to emerging and developing economies.

In all instances, papers published by the JEPMI will be those judged by the Editor-in-Chief to be of interest to policy makers, economists, business and other decision makers. JEPMI also welcomes book reviews and special issues that are relevant to its scope.



















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